Kiosk Terminals - Product - Whizz

Whizz V

Product Description

  • Dimensions (32" version)
  • 1765mm (h)
  • 460mm (d)
  • 555mm (w)
  • Net weight
  • 95 (kgs)
  • 209 (lbs)
  • Boxed weight
  • 113 (kgs)
  • 249 (lbs)

A free standing enclosure which is designed for use in sports betting primarily the terminal has an aesthetical curved front design to its architecture. The terminal has a front split door openings for ease of service and support as well as integrated safes for cash. The Whizz V has both an interactive touch monitor which mounted horizontally to allow for an enlarged user interactive area. The overall size of the enclosure allows for multiple configurations.

Quick Option Reference Guide

Web Camera, Thermal Receipt 60 / 80mm, Magnetic & Smart Card Reader, Numeric Pin Pad, RFID, Flight Case, Wireless, Telephone Handset, Cash Accepter, Coin Validator, Coin Recycler Coin Hopper, Cash Note recycler, Bar code scanner

Quick Technical Specifications

Manufactured from Steel, Polyester Powder Coat Scratch Resistance Paint, Wiring Harness, Key & Electronic coded locking door handle, Packaging, 4 Rubber Base Feet, Heating and Aircon

Monitor Size Available

  • 22"
  • 24"